I am actively supporting the work of the Sri Lanka Child Protection Foundation as it’s main objective is to secure the present and future well being of children left destitute by the death of their parents due to terrorist violence.

It is founded on the noble vision that “man’s prime duty is to serve man irrespective of race, religion or language”.

It has embarked on one of the greatest humanitarian missions of our time, namely that of caring for the needy and sharing with the needy which embody elements of self denial and self sacrifice.

I wish this great humanitarian endeavour all success.

Deshamanya K.H.J. Wijayadasa
Former Secretary to the President

With the long and weary years of terrorism finally behind us, the rays of peace are beginning to shine upon Sri Lanka and her people. These rays of peace will especially brighten and illuminate the lives of the children of our tomorrow, bringing them hope and opportunity as never before. We have children in our midst who have had their parents cruelly snatched from them by violent acts of terrorism and other reasons, who as a result, lead unhappy lives deprived of love, care and attention so vital for a child in the formative years.

I am pleased that an organization such as the Sri Lanka Lama Surakum Padanama has been established to ensure the welfare of children who have lost their parents. I take great pleasure in conveying my heartfelt wishes on the occasion of launching of the web site of the Sri Lanka Lama Surakum Padanama, which I am sure will strengthen and further the objectives of this foundation.

I wish Sri Lanka Lama Surakum Padanama every success.

Mr. Lalith Weeratunge
Secretary to the President