Terrorism is, under no circumstances, considered justifiable under political, philosophical, ideological, racial, ethnic, religious or other similar conditions. Sri Lankan society has been ravaged by the 30 year long terrorist activities, and thousands of innocent children lost their parents, homes and means of sustenance. Their education remained badly neglected, while these children never realized the wonder of freedom or the beauty of innocence. Their childhood was forgotten and devastated by a horrific war-torn past.

We need to give them affection, and help them regain Freedom, Hope, Dreams, Dignity and, most importantly, A Future. We need to move urgently from words to deeds.

Thousands of street children can be seen in the world’s more populous cities, coastal belt and other urban areas. Most of them are in the age group of 5-10 years and their numbers steadily increase everyday.

Why have they become street children? Several factors
prevailing in societies, including through parental
unemployment, death and illness as well as acute poverty, have given rise to this tragic situation. These factors have led to children leaving their homes in search of jobs.

It is said that parental love and affection is a primary necessity for both the mental and physical development of a child. The Sri Lanka Child Protection Foundation has noticed this heartrending social issue in Sri Lanka and plans to look after hundreds of street children by providing them with much needed affection, care, education and the basic necessities of life.

Special schools were set up to help street children under the newly formed Sri Lanka Lama Surakeeme Padanama. In these schools, orphans and child victims of terrorism are given scholarships to pursue their studies. Abandoned children are also taken into the care of safe hands.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) advocates that every child is born with rights: the right to health, the right to an education, the right to participation, and the rights to
equality and protection.

But many children in Sri Lanka, including war traumatised and street children, are deprived of an education due to poverty and other social conditions. Although the government provides free education, there many other factors affecting the increase of children who are not attending school.

The Sri Lanka Child Protection Foundation provides all the
necessary facilities for academic and vocational training,
leading to a sustainable future for deprived children.